In order to join BGA, we ask that you attend our free introductory class to make sure this program is the right fit for you.

This free introductory class is mandatory for all prospective students.

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now, tell me,
are you a content creator
who is…

  • New to the game but looking for a way to quickly monetize your content, even with a small following, no experience, and little social proof.
  • Tired of running yourself ragged on the
    content-creation hamster wheel trying to master
    the many moods of the Instagram algorithm.
  • Ready to sign on your first paid client in
    90 days or less so you can have a real
    money-making business instead of an
    expensive (and time-consuming!) hobby.

  • Excited about knowing exactly who to serve and what to offer so your ideal clients can't help but want to work with you, over and over again.
  • Willing to show up and do the work that actually moves the needle instead of burying yourself in busywork that doesn't bring in the big bucks.

By signing up for the free introductory class, you'll get complimentary access to some of the methods taught inside BGA so you can assess if this program is right for you.


Closing clients with confidence

Within three days  I had already gained the confidence to jump on my very first call with a potential client, whom I was able to close the deal on and I secured her 4,000 dollars payment right then and there on the spot. Two weeks later I signed another client for another 4,000 dollar program and she again paid in full because of the tools and the tips that I have learned through BGA.”

- Laura Hernandez, Happiness and Spiritual Coach

From $500 clients to $15,000 packages!

“I got 3 paying clients and gained 2280 followers in 50 days during my time in BGA. I've also gone from selling my 12 week 1:1 coaching program for $500 to now $15,000 dollars!”

- Tuan Tran, Fitness Coach

Generating leads with the right content creation system in place

“Overall today, I now have over 45,000 followers across my social platforms to generate leads for my business. This number is just continuing to grow by implementing BGA's content strategy.  And then on top of that, getting onto sales calls and converting to sales through my business, while I also have a full-time job. And I've been able to generate over $10,000 in revenue through my business, by using the BGA system.”

- Adriene Bueno, Sports Industry Career Coach



Phase 0 - ONRAMP

Ditch overwhelm at the door with a course navigation tutorial AND schedule
customized to your life's season. Know exactly WHICH milestones to hit so you can maximize your
growth in this program.

Phase 1 -

The first 30 days in the program is all about ensuring you have a solid foundation in place on which to base your business.

In Phase 1, we will get through the mindset blocks that hold you back from taking action. We'll narrow down your business offer AND get you your first few clients to solidify your final 1:1 coaching offer.

(YES! You read that right>>> within the first 30 days, you'll already be working with clients!)

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  • Ditch imposter syndrome and define your zone of genius to confidently position yourself as an expert WITHOUT feeling like a fraud.
  • Discover and use my SMART research tactics to find a profitable niche that's VALIDATED before you waste time creating content
  • Determine WHO your ideal client is so you can design a service that gets your prospects saying HECK YES!
  • Create, clarify, and structure your coaching packages so you know EXACTLY what you are offering and pitch it confidently.
  • Get the ENTIRE rundown on what it truly means to set up your 1:1 program for scalability so you can go from one to many.
  • Learn how to maximize client results and get solid testimonials to amplify your social proof and get more leads into your pipeline.

Phase 2 -

The next 30 days of the program is all about increasing your visibility on Instagram and creating content that will magnetize anyone who creeps your profile.

While you're working with your first few clients, now's the time to double down on your content strategy and up your Instagram game! This will set you up for success to get more eyeballs on your finalized offer. Cha-ching!

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  • Discover the key difference between free content vs. paid content and masterfully create free content that builds DEMAND for your paid offer using our special frameworks.
  • Steal my content repurposing strategies so you can SAVE time AND blow everyone's mind with content that feels NEW every time!
  • Get your together by mastering the art of planning ahead, batching, and scheduling - the Vanessa way!
  • Swipe my entire hashtag research strategy AND hashtag selection strategy to increase your visibility to the RIGHT audiences.
  • Steal the secret DM strategy that has helped me make over $3,000+ in sales every time I use it!
  • Get WOKE with my video marketing strategies on IG Live, IGTV, and IG story, while also mastering the art of killer copywriting for your captions and Instagram bio.

Phase 3 -

The last 30 days of the program requires you to launch your program officially to the public, build your very first funnel, and learn how to close prospects with ease.

We want all students to graduate our program with a repeatable marketing and sales system, so we made sure to save the best for last!

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  • Use a clear promotion strategy to prime prospects so they're ready and waiting for your offer to open up!
  • Create an exciting and non-sleazy webinar to warm up your prospects and convert them with ease, at mass scale (even for a 1:1 offer!).
  • Deploy an easy peasy evergreen system to attract prospects on AUTO-PILOT time and time (and time!) again.
  • Snag my entire Discovery Call process so you never have to second guess your sales calls
  • Masterfully overcome sales objections such as "I can't afford it", "Let me think about it", and other excuses why people don't buy.
  • Get a done-for-you client acquisition workflow that takes you from A to Z on how to attract, sign, onboard, and offboard your clients with ease

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Hold on because you've still gotta meet…
These legends who closed clients like real BOSSES!

10K followers and 3 paid clients thanks to BGA

"One month after finishing BGA, I gained 10,000 followers because I followed Vanessa’s strategies.

I also secured 3 paid clients because I followed the Sales module which taught me how to hop on calls to secure bookings!”

- Laura Murillo, Mindset Coach

No more free coaching and charging full price

“Within weeks of starting BGA, I was getting inquiries for my services. Within months, I was charging beta prices and shortly after I was no longer doing free coaching. I was charging full price for my services and it’s been flourishing since then!”

- Chanique Stewart, Business Coach

$15,000 within 4 months of joining BGA

"I signed 4 clients within the first 2 weeks of enrolling in BGA and made back my investment.

In conclusion, I made $15,000 USD in 4 months thanks to the strategies taught in BGA!”

- Ivy Xu, Career Coach

Consistent 10K months while working a 9-5

“I’m already hitting consistent 5-figure months from JUST 1:1 coaching and all this happened while still working a full time job!"

- Cherry Tung, Business Coach

Signed 4 paid clients BEFORE launching my offer

"I gained 4 pay-in-full clients at my ASKING price before launching my program.

This has NEVER happened to me for. I made my BGA investment back within 90 days.”

- Gabrielle Tongol, Fitness Coach

BGA is better than 1:1 coaching!

“Vanessa's course was better than every single other course I have paid for PLUS the private coaching I had paid for ALL IN ONE.

I would have probably paid $10,000 for this course."

- Sarah Wehkamp, Parenting Coach

Closed 2 clients and made my money back

“I used the exact sales outline in Vanessa’s modules and the next 2 clients I closed. I made my money back! Vanessa’s course is something I would keep paying for over and over again.”

- Desteni Barnes, Tax Accounting Coach

First paid client at $1,000!

“I had my business for a year and didn’t do anything with it. Since being in BGA, I had my FIRST paid client at $1,000 in April. Then I had my second paid client at $1,000 in May. Now I’m increasing my prices!"

- Kiana Norville, Style Coach

8 clients within my time in BGA

“Since joining BGA I’ve worked with 8 clients, 5 of which were paid. Email list from 210 to 360 thanks to my lead magnet in BGA, my YT channel went from 1,200 to 3,000 subscribers and my Instagram is climbing up all the time.”

- Alex Barron, French Language Coach

From DIY to signing paid clients

“I tried DIYing my business for 2 years. I was stuck and going nowhere. Less than a month in BGA, I signed my first paid client!”

- Minnie Chang, Self-Care Coach

0 to 25,000 followers in 4 months

“I signed up for a lot of courses, many of the Instagram related… that gave me nothing. BOSSGRAM Academy took me from zero to 25,000 followers in 4 months.

- Peggy Solomon, Non-Toxic Living Consultant

On track to 5-10k months!

“I enrolled in other courses that left me stuck, confused, and overwhelmed. I got my first client within 10 days of the program!”

- Tamara Lynn,  Fashion Business Coach

BGA is THE go-to program for online coaches

“I’ve invested over $5,000 in online programs and BGA blows it out of the water. BGA is beyond just Instagram. You are losing out thousands of dollars if you do not invest in this program.”

- Nadine Dafrawy, Business Coach

Multiple 4 figure launch in one week

“I made my first 4 figure month during my time in BGA. After BGA, I launched my second round of 1:1 coaching and made multiple 4 figures in just ONE WEEK thanks to what I learned in BGA!”

- Becky Choi, Post-Partum Fitness Coach

4 figures with ONE client!

“Since joining BGA, I made my first 4 figure month with just ONE client. It was a profitable month. For anyone hesitating, the best advice I can give is… DON’T! ”

- Brittani Shantel, Photographer and CPA


BGA is the ultimate money-saver!

“In the past year I have bought multiple courses and BGA is a combination of 3 high end programs I paid for... how I wish I met Vanessa last year. I would have saved so much money!"

- Someya Azizi, Mindset Coach

Closing $2K clients without a website

“Thanks to Vanessa's AMAZING BGA method, I was able to close my 1st paid client for $2,000 without having a website, lead magnet, IG feed, or solidified offer!”

- Steven Vu, Relationship Coach

WAY better than 1:1 coaching

“I have paid for 1:1 coaching at about 3x what BGA is charging, and not to discredit the other person, but they didn't have nearly as much value as what BGA provides in this course.”

- Amanda Lynn, Fitness Coach

“BGA is the first course that actually worked! I've recommended it to so many people you have no idea. I was making $0 when I started BGA!!! And now my monthly min is $10k!! Forever grateful I invested. ”

Milana Sarenac,

Sales Coach

“6 months ago, I invested in a $2,500 program with biweekly group coaching with an 8 figure coach. With just module 1, I have made so much MORE progress in ONE month inside BGA than I ever had in 6 months in the other coach's program. Vanessa is so good. Why didn't I find her earlier?”

Chuan Tee,

Addiction Coach for Teens

“Pretty much every course I’ve invested in was a waste of time until I found BGA. All other courses had no course of action, it was all fluff, no actual value, and did not teach me anything for me to see results. Even though those courses were not what I expected, I would not have been able to appreciate BGA the way I do now!”

Eddiana Rosen,

Linkedin Coach